Carbon Neutral Certification


Carbon Neutral

Due to the need of companies to validate and verify the conformity of their products stimulated by Free Trade Agreements, Globalization and the increasing demand of consumers, Flor de Lotto is a third party body that provides certification of products, processes or services

Would a certification of products, processes and services be useful to you?

Provides customers with confidence
Represents greater confidence and added value for the client in the selection
Facilitates the products marketing


Provides confidence to customers, as they receive products certified and evaluated by an impartial and recognized body, which reduces the number of audits on products.

It reduces receiving costs for customers, as sampling and testing at check in are eliminated.

It represents greater confidence and added value for the client in the selection and consideration of various offers or samples from different suppliers.

Commits suppliers to deliver products that meet quality requirements and characteristics based on technical specifications.

It facilitates the marketing of products that are subject to compliance with technical regulations.


Companies that wish to obtain a certification in environmental matters free of CO2 or zero carbon footprint, which allows them to comply with the regulations established by the Kyoto Protocol in the United Nations Framework on climate change. Participating countries and regions such as the European Union being fully committed to reducing its CO2 emissions.

Carbon neutrality is a process where companies must inventory their greenhouse gases, reduce their emissions and offset those emissions that could not be avoided.

Companies need a Climate Change Strategy, an eco-competitive model, low in emissions and resilient to climate change.

This service may interest you, since we are the best environmental management option adapting to your needs, providing advice so that your organization can certify its efforts related to measurement, reduction and carbon neutrality.

We are specialists in implementation at the organizational level and the Carbon Neutrality Country Program.


It will allow you to benefit from the government strategy related to decarbonization and carbon neutrality certification.

It will give you a competitive advantage by adding value to your proposals in contracts and tenders.

It will allow you to access more competitive international and national markets.

Environmental contribution in reduction of GHG (Greenhouse effect gases).

Competitive advantages.

Improve business networks and commercial reach.

Reduces operating costs (economic and resource efficiency).

Proactive business leadership.

It addresses the environmental concerns of consumers.

It helps to understand the responsibilities inherent to carbon emissions.

Improves corporate image.

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