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We provide specialized comprehensive advisory services. Carbon, neutral, ISO certifications. Financial and legal advice.

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Our Company was founded in 2014 by Doctor MIHAI RADELESCU RADULESCU.

We are a company that cares about the planet, the environment, climate change. We offer a series of consultancy services to provide solutions to the different challenges of our clients, mainly in environmental matters with neutral carbon certifications regulated by the International Protocol treaty of Kyoto (UN), ISO Standards. According to our clients needs, we work closely with them providing financial and legal advice.

Thanks to our team of professionals in the field, we provide our customers with a high-quality experience.


Offer the best options in the market, for the different environmental challenges that we face today.


To be the number one company for Carbon Neutral certifications in both Europe and Latin America.


Leadership, Synergy, Confidentiality, Commitment, Loyalty.


Financial Advisory

Corporate Legal Advice


Neutral Carbon

  • Give customers confidence
  • Decrease costs
  • Represents increased confidence
  • Facilitates marketing


  • Carbon Neutral CO2
  • Management systems
  • People and Products

Financial Advising

  • Banks
  • Stock Market
  • Escrow
  • Investment Funds
  • Accounting and Taxes
  • Pensions
  • Foreign Exchange Transactions
  • Fibers
  • Tax Deductible Investments

Legal Advice

  • Business Creation
  • Societies Constitution
  • Notary Services
  • Human Resources (Human Capital)
  • Industrial and Intellectual Property
  • Migratory Issues
  • Preparation of Contracts

Our Team

Committed to the planet, taking actions contributing to enhance it.

Mihai Radulescu Radulescu


Oscar De León Quesada

General Director México

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Curridabat Granadilla, San José, Costa Rica

Interlomas, Huixquilucan, Estado de México, México

Telephones: (+506 71138799) (+52 1 5513858040)